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Senior Showcase

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Senior Showcase

  • To access the Senior Showcase information page, please use your confidential password to log-in, CLICK HERE >>

Interested in participating in the Senior Showcase?


  • Our annual Senior Showcase is a benefit show put together by our graduating seniors. Our graduates select various disciplines of dance and invite several different age groups to perform their choreography. Each piece consists of original choreography from our graduates, and  the proceeds are donated to the foundations or organizations of their choice.


  • The Senior Showcases are held in the Spring each year! Rehearsals begin after December and each piece is allotted 3 hours to complete the choreography along with a brush up rehearsal closer to the show. All participants are invited to perform in the opening and closing numbers. All rehearsals are free of charge!

  • Costuming is announced closer to the show. Costuming is at a low cost or no charge.

  • Each year, the senior choreographers show such dedication, hard work, and commitment, and are extremely grateful for our dancers' participation and enthusiasm throughout this project, making this a truly special opportunity for our participants!


  • Please see the Senior Showcase information page for specific times and information regarding this years showcase!

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