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Dress Code

Students MUST wear their hair up securely for all classes and in a bun for Ballet Class. All ballet classes ages 8 & up are required to wear pink or flesh tights and a black leotard.  A ballet skirt or booty shorts are acceptable over the leotard.  All other classes must wear proper dance attire (leotards and tights of any color needs to be the base. Dance skirts/shorts, form fitting tanks, leggings can be worn over the base leotard and tights.).  No baggy clothes or street clothes may be worn during class as it is important for the instructors to see the placement of the dancer’s bodies.   APPROPRIATE DANCE SHOES ARE REQUIRED. (See below for appropriate footwear)  No jewelry please.  The instructor reserves the right to excuse any student from class who is not dressed appropriately. 



All tap classes: Black Tap shoes

All pre level jazz classes: Black Jazz shoes

Jazz classes ages 8 & Up: Tan Jazz shoes

All Ballet Classes: Pink or Flesh Color Ballet Slippers

Modern, Contemporary, Contemporary Fusion, Contemporary Ballet  & Lyrical Classes: Foot thongs (optional) or barefeet

Pre Pointe & Pointe Classes: Pointe shoes

All Hip Hop classes ages 8 & Up: Jazz/Hip Hop sneaker or Black Jazz shoe

Musical Theater Classes: All shoes you own - shoe for recital will be determined based on costume

Combination Ballet/Tap Classes: Pink or Flesh Ballet Slipper & Black Tap  shoes

Combination Ballet/Hip Hop/Toddler Hip Hop: Black Jazz shoes or Black Ballet slippers

Boy's Dance: sneakers

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