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Shoreline Performance Company

  • To access the Shoreline Performance Company information page, please use your confidential password to log-in, CLICK HERE >>

Interested in being a part of the Shoreline Performance Company?

  • The Shoreline Dance Academy Performance Company is a performing group that encompasses both community outreach performances as well sporting event and competition performances. The mission of the Shoreline Dance Academy Performance Company is to bring the love and joy of dance out into the community as well as providing a variety of performance opportunities to the serious dancer. The Performance Company will foster positive, all encompassing relationships not only within the community, but also within the Company itself. The Company will run as pre professional/professional dance companies do. The dancer will learn various dance pieces across all disciplines of dance to take to different performance venues in the area.


  • The financial and time commitment for the Performance Company is more than that of a recreation dancer. The Performance Company dancer will be required to take company class, attend company rehearsals weekly, take a ballet class, and other classes in the discipline of their choice during the school year. They will also be required to attend a week long intensive camp and a choreography camp in the summer.


  • The Company will learn one production piece, in which all members of the Company will be a part of. The production pieces, as well as the smaller group pieces will perform at local community events, pre game/half time shows at local area sporting events, and will be given the opportunity to compete regionally. As soon as performance dates become available we will let you know. We are working with local town event coordinators as well as activities directors of local nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc. to set up performances for the Company. Many times our office gets last minute invitations to perform at local events.


  • In order for a Company member to perform regionally at competitions they must perform locally with our Company at a minimum of 3 events. There will be 1-2 mandatory rehearsals before each major performance, usually on the Saturday before the event. These rehearsals are mandatory for every Company dancer that will be performing in the upcoming event. These rehearsals are so we can make sure each Company dance is performance ready. Choreographed Company pieces will be staggered throughout the year so every dance will not be performed at every event. Invitations to events will always depend on attitude and commitment from Company dancers with support from parents/guardians. Company dancers will be expected to perform in all of the recitals.


  • Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding Company. Thank you for you interest in our Company program!

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