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2024 Ad Book Information!

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Ad Deadline: Friday March 15th

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Every year at the recital we distribute, at no cost to our audience, our annual Shoreline Dance Academy Keepsake Program Book. The Keepsake Program Book is a four color 8.5"x 11" book.  To help offset the cost of the program book and to keep the book free for our audience members we are asking each of our families to contribute one ad to our Keepsake Book. The ad does not have to be a personal ad, it can be an ad from one of your favorite local businesses.

Ads are due back NO LATER than Friday, March 15th

Ad deadline extended to Friday, March 22nd!

All families contributing an ad of $95 or more (either personal or obtained from a business) will be eligible for our recital ticket presale. Families who sell a minimum of $95 in ads will be able to participate in our recital ticket presale. Our pre sale is May 1st 10am-May 2nd 6am. You will receive a pre sale code sent to your email. 

Ads are due back NO LATER than Friday, March 15th. If you are planning on putting a personal ad in the program book and would like to use an individual photo from picture day we can obtain that image from Something New Studios. (The picture must be purchased by you in order for us to use it.) If you know the image number, there is a place for that on the order form. If you do not know the image number, the photography company will send us the best image of your dancer. You can also use your own personal digital image. 

If you place an ad in our program book and do not receive an email response from the office on/by April 1st thanking you for placing your ad please contact the office. We do not want to mistakenly leave any ads out of the program book.

For those who are new and would like to see previous program books please stop in the office.  Ad forms can be found in our office, attached to this email, and will be under the recital tab on the website soon.

If you have any questions regarding the Keepsake Program Book please contact the office. Thank you!

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