Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

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Email from 3/24:

Good Morning Shoreline Families:

I hope everyone is feeling ok and all of our families are safe and healthy.  I see many of our students are using our two Virtual Platforms and participating in classes either on our Facebook Private Group pages or on our website via our Virtual Classroom Library.  If you have not yet logged in, please do!  The website Virtual Class URL is: . You can use the password to access our website Virtual Classroom and you can request to join the Private Facebook Groups via the Facebook Link on our Virtual Classroom Page.  If you want to send us a video or photo please send it to and put your teachers name in the subject line and we will view it and write your child back.  You can also comment during our Facebook live videos and we will be able to respond right there.


1.Our pictures are rescheduled for the week of April 21st.  Picture Schedule is attached.

2. Keepsake Program Ad Book new deadline is Friday, April 24th

3.  Our recital is currently scheduled/contracted at Monmouth University during the week of June 1-June 6.  If we are unable to move forward with that date, we have been in contact with Monmouth University and currently have the theater held during the week of July 20-25th as a back up week for our recital.

4. We will continue virtual instruction until we are able to return to the classrooms.  Our goal is to return to the classrooms on Tuesday, April 14th and we will keep our Virtual Classes running during our Spring Break instead of closing (we will be closed April 10th-April 13th)... so online classes will continue to run April 1-9.  (subject to change)

5.  Please accept the Zoom email invitation to join in a video call with your child's teacher and classmates. We will be going live with each class so the kids can see each other and their teacher and just talk and connect (We will still continue to run our regularly scheduled online classes, this is in addition to those.) The schedule for these calls will be sent out later today and calls will start tomorrow. The link for the call will be in your email so please look! You can do the call from your phone or computer. Directions will be in emails. Community is so important and our dancers are part of a community at Shoreline. These calls will give our kids a chance to connect with their dance community.

*Zoom Call Schedule is attached…. Emails with Zoom instructions will go out later today.

It is so important the we try to maintain as much normalcy for our kids as possible so beyond class videos, we are trying to find other ways to reach them.  They have worked so hard to prepare for the end of the year recital and therefore watching the videos and learning the remaining choreography for each class is so important during this time.  We WILL get back in the classrooms and we want the kids to have a chance to perform and share their love and light with one another.   By having a back up recital date in place, and continuing dance education online, moving forward with choreography and practice of their routines... I know our kids are going to shine and it will be the best show ever!  

I also realize that this is a very trying time emotionally and economically for all of us... I want to be able to continue to offer instruction to our kids and at this time Virtually is the only way we can do it.  My staff and I have been working hard to get all of the classes out there for our kids to take and hope that they are taking additional classes as the resources are there for them to dance any time of day for as long as they wish.  However, if you are unable to continue with our program at this time, or have a personal request to work out a plan so that your child can continue to dance, please email me and I will do all I can to work with you.  It is not my intention for ANY child to not have the chance to dance if it is something that will bring them joy during this difficult time.  So, in effort to maintain our program, my faculty and our school... we will move forward with tuition for April, May and June with a goal of a recital the end of the program.  If we are unable to run the recital in June, classes will continue throughout June and then we will prepare for the recital in July.  We will also offer virtual classes throughout our regularly scheduled Spring Break.  This is the plan in place for the remainder of the year at Shoreline.  So, the classes running Virtually will prepare us for the recital, that is our end goal.  If you are able to continue, please know that we will do all we can to make this experience a positive and nuturing one for our dancers. We will move forward with every dancer who is onboard and we will continue to give our students all that we have.  Shoreline is my heart and soul and I am here to help in any way I can so that our kids can continue to enjoy the art of dance.

Thank you in advance for your support of our program and know that we will continue to offer the best possible instruction for our students.  

We are grateful for each child we have been given the chance to teach and thank you for trusting us to be part of their journey. 


Here is to brighter days ahead... 

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Inspire Create Unite Challenge


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We are "challenging" our Shoreline families to spread positivity and creativity with our #inspirecreateunitechallenge ! Using whatever creative medium of your choice (dance, art, poetry, singing, etc) post with #inspirecreateunitechallenge and we will feature them on our Shoreline FB page & Instagram page. You can also follow InspireCreateUniteChallenge on Instagram and we will post your creations there too. Share with all of your friends...this is not limited to Shoreline students. We want adults, kids, teens etc from all over to contribute! Let's flood social media with positivity and creativity during these uncertain times and see how far we can get this challenge to go!

Day 1: Message from the Director..