2020 Virtual Recital Information!

Updated 7/1/2020

Shoreline Dance Academy Presents...


201 Roseld Avenue

Deal, NJ 07723

Hope From Home 2020

July 1st & July 2nd

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Email 7/1:

Welcome to our 2020 Recital 'Hope From Home!"  We are so grateful to have an opportunity to celebrate our dancers and to give them a chance to shine!  There are so many emotions running through my heart as I try to write this.  First, I am blown away by the undying grace and love our dancers showed one another during these past few months.  Overnight we had to make a change from dancing together everyday, to seeing each other through a computer screen.  So many things changed in our daily lives and our world but we were lucky enough to see one thing that never changed.  The smiles and hearts of our students showed up every time we turned on our computers.  Their love for life, for one another and for dance was evident week after week.  They are the strongest, most resilient people and they encouraged us to find as many ways that we could to be there for our dancers.  Their love and light shined so brightly that it inspired us and reminded us how lucky we are to have the opportunity to work with children.  I am humbled and grateful for the support you showed us during this time and I am so proud of the commitment our dancers showed to never give up and to keep moving forward. I am so excited to announce that thanks to your support, Shoreline Dance Academy will be able to keep moving forward and we will be spending the summer building out a BRAND NEW space for the new home of Shoreline Dance Academy!  We are creating a 3 room studio designed for Virtual and In Person Instruction.  Our faculty will remain the same, but our facility will be brand new and designed to meet the changing needs of the future.  The safety of our children is our focus and a lot of time has been spent creating a space that will offer a place for our kids to thrive!  Our new home is in Neptune City 120 3rd Avenue and we are on track to have programming in place in August. The building and parking lot is currently under renovation and should be completed shortly.  Our Fall Schedule is available now and enrollment is currently only open to our existing Shoreline families.  We will release the schedule to the public for registration on Monday July 13th. We will be offering a Virtual Track and an In Person Track.  Dancers will have the option to move from in person training to virtual training as necessary and all of our studios will be equipped with a large screen monitor for the kids to see their classmates participating from home and for the students to see their teachers and classmates participating from the studio.  Our new space has our own on street entrance and exit and tons of parking!  Bathrooms will be for the use of Shoreline students and families only and observation windows will be in each studio for parents to watch their dancers.  All classes will also be visible on a live feed for parents to watch from their cars or from home  and there will also be lobby space for dancers and families to be used when permitted by the CDC and Governor.  We can't wait to dance with your children in a brand new space designed to meet the needs of our dancers and families!  We plan to return to the Jersey Shore Arts Center for our Holiday Shows and Monmouth University for our Recitals.  

We are beyond excited for this transition and opportunity to build our own space, and we are grateful for the wonderful memories of the past 16 years in the Arts Center.  We are excited to return there to celebrate the holidays and will continue to do work with the Arts Center in the future.  

Here is to new beginnings Shoreline!  We are creating a space that will be a place where our dancers can continue to study dance in this uncertain time and we will have all of the safety precautions and measures in place as we transition to our new home!   


Shoreline, you give us Hope to stay focused, move forward and continue to push ourselves to be the best teachers and mentors we can be and we will never stop working to give our dancers and families our all!  Your strength is inspiring and your love is evident in all that you do!  Go Shoreline, this recital is a celebration of your spirit and heart!  We are so proud of you, today and always!  A special thanks to my team.. I could have NEVER done any of this without them.  I am blessed to call them my family and am so grateful to work by their side.  Their love for what they do inspires me and I continue to be motivated by their commitment and dedication to our school and families.  Finally, today and always- thank you God for never giving up on me.  Your unending love and guidance is my comfort and I will forever put my trust in You.  Your love fills my soul and I am blessed beyond measure for the joy you have given me. I love you....


Let's do this Shoreline!!! Hope from Home 2020!  Sparkle From the Inside Dancers!!! You are amazing and we love you! 

Shoreline Dance Academy