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Move'M with Miss Stacy

Arts Enrichment Classes

Looking for a supplemental class that will help your student become a more well-rounded member of society. The classes offered by Move’m will get your child moving physically, provide social interaction and help build an appreciation for the arts.

Classes offered:

Creative Movement, Creative Dance, Creative Yoga and Mindfulness, Creative Art Exploration

About Move'm!


Session 1: March 7th- April 14th

Session 2: May 2nd- June 9th


Mondays 12:30pm

Creative Movement/Art Exploration/Creative Dance/Creative Yoga 

Morning Movers 6 Week Sessions

1 Class 6 Week Session = $150.00

Cost covers all supplies for classes

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Creative Movement PreK-3

Working on balance, strength, coordination and agility, as well as, focus, patience and self-confidence. Classes will consist of a brief warm-up, circle time songs, across the floor activities and a cool down. During some activities a piece of literature will be included to enhance the lesson.


Creative Dance PreK-3

Using imaginary play and improvisation as well as traditional dance steps and terminology. Classes will consist of a warm-up, center standing and floor exercises, across the floor and center combinations, improvisation and an introduction to creative composition.


Creative Yoga and Mindfulness

These classes are designed to gently introduce the student to yoga poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation, through fun and play. Classes will consist of floor games, standing exercises and running around, dancing like no one is watching and lots of laughing. Classes typically end in a relaxed, guided, image filled meditation. The intent of this class is to introduce children, in a very playful way, to yoga and mindfulness helping them to find their own calm and stillness, recognize their feelings and provide them with tools to help them comfort themselves, learn and practice self-control, focus and balance.


Creative Art Exploration PreK-3

The goal of these classes is to build self-confidence by empowering children to make their own creative choices. Open-ended materials such as paint, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, clay, and assorted paper support child-centered activities.

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