Welcome to Shoreline Dance Academy's 17th Year and 1st Year in our NEW SPACE!  As we enter into the new season, we will be offering our dancers the option of Virtual and In-Person Classes.  All dance studios will be equipped with a monitor and each class will go Live during class time.  Dancers will have the option to take the class in person, or virtually.  Parents will be able to view the class from their devices as the class is running.  The classes will not be recorded, but will run Live and Virtual at the same time.  Should the CDC recommend that we run a Hybrid Schedule, students will alternate Virtual and In-Person training.  Should a dancer need to take the class from home for a period of time, the option exists and will be in place for a transition at any time.  Classes will be capped out at the number of students recommended by the CDC and Governor, and this number will be inclusive of our Virtual and In-Person students so that when we are all together in class, we will not exceed the number of students permitted in a classroom.  We will run ALL of our classes at 50 minutes per class with a 10 minute transition and cleaning time.  This will allow us the opportunity to dismiss our dancers, clean our classrooms and bathrooms and then welcome in our next class of students.  We will follow this schedule throughout the year and for the safety of our students and faculty we will stay focused and up to date on the recommendations of the CDC and Governor.  Should we need to go 100% Virtual for a period of time, we will be prepared and ready with the technology we will have in place. We look forward to the new season ahead and are so excited to dance with the children again!  Here is to new beginnings Shoreline, we welcome you to join us for our first year in our NEW HOME!  Classes begin September 14th, registration is open now!  Classes will close out as we are limiting our class sizes, but we will have a waitlist in place should we be able to add more students to a class.  Again, class capacity will be inclusive of our Virtual students and our In-Person students.  
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Class Schedule for Adults